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More Money in MACRA Means more Monitoring

There is a new Best Practice in town.  Really - it is worthwhile this year!  MACRA reimbursement goes up each time thresholds get higher, and scoring gBest Practice Imageets harder.  2019 will be the hardest year yet - and that difficulty should drive more dollars into the coffers of those who can achieve high scores. 

Of course, achieving high scores does not happen by accident.  Most of our existing clients (including ACOs) monitor their MACRA scores (and reimbursement) throughout the year.  With the migration to Stage 3 PI requirements we are seeing across-the-board lower scores than in prior years.  So simply "keeping up with last year" takes extra effort this year.  For a model you may be able to use, take a look at our Blueprint for Monthly MACRA, based on a collaboration across multiple organizations.


ACO MACRA scoring is a challenging, since it requires coordinating the gathering of data from many 

separate entities, each of which may be using unique EHR technologies.  As a result, many ACOs don't even learn their overall MACRA score until several months after the end of a year!  What this implies is that the new best practice for MACRA is monitoring throughout the year.  

For those who need a little help, we provide MACRA monitoring for ACOs in realtime with dedicated staffing, specialized processes, and unique technologies that pull everything into a model that we call the ACO Peer Review dashboard.  For those who are already moving to concurrent monitoring during the year, we would love to hear from you and collaborate on sharing best practices!