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Personalize your ACO Provider newsletters for MACRA

Newslettter TemplateIf you want to engage ACO TINs in your Monthly MACRA program, you will want a simple, relevant and consistent communication vehicle.  

A well-organized  MACRA database should be the source for newsletter content customized to each TIN.  The first thing a TIN sees at the top of the newsletter, is their MACRA results, as compared to the ACO overall score. 

The newsletter includes sections that celebrate top performers, and summarizes CMS content relevant to each month (where appropriate) at a level of detail relevant to TIN management.  In many months, CMS releases information relevant to MACRA. Providers don't need to know all of the details, but letting them know that we monitor CMS closely can give them confidence in the overall program.  Where they benefit from knowing CMS data (i.e., Physician Compare releases to Google-based physician search engines), a newsletter program will keep them confidently engaged. 

We also identify providers performing below target, quantifying the financial impact on overall MACRA revenues of sub-optimal performance.  

We believe the newsletter should be monthly, as soon as the monthly overall reporting cycle has been completed.  The most powerful element of a MACRA Provider newsletter lies in sections that contain data unique to each TIN who receives it.  

In an ACO, each TIN contributes to overall success.  But the ACO often has members, over which the ACO itself has little or no explicit authority.  A newsletter can function as a "peer pressure" tool, if it shows each TIN where their MACRA performance stands relative to overall ACO scoring.  No one wants to be the under-performer, particularly where under-performance has financial implications.