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22 April, 2019

ACOs are MACRA Stewards, even though they never asked to be

You didn't ask for it. You didn't even agree to it. But you are fiscally responsible

MACRA came into law after ACOs came into existence. Then, the MACRA regulations put ACOs explicitly in charge of Quality. That was what you were already doing....

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16 April, 2019

Creating a high-performance monthly MACRA program

For standalone groups of 100 or fewer providers, it should be enough to run reports from your EHR monthly, post them to a standalone MACRA database for performance analysis, and discuss shortfalls against targets. But for complex multi-TIN...

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13 April, 2019

How Can ACOs Measure CQMs monthly?

In our Monthly MACRA Blueprint, we cite the principle that you can't optimize MACRA at year end. True performance improvement requires regular measurement, analysis, and communication. A continuous feedback loop gives providers the chance to see the...

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28 February, 2019

Reconcile provider list with QPP - twice

In our Blueprint for Monthly MACRA, we suggest twice a year to verify your providers against the CMS QPP Website. That's all there is to it. You would think that verification to be an unnecessary step. After all, you know who your providers are, and...

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28 January, 2019

ACO Algebra: Advanced APM "dropout Providers" Could make more Money

Under Advanced APM (Enhanced Track, or Level D or E in the Basic offering) providers are generally exempt from reporting MIPS.  The key is "generally". The driving factor is managed at the level of each individual provider, based on the Medicare Plan...

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28 January, 2019

ACO Algebra: MACRA Downside >= MSSP Downside

MACRA is actually at least as risky as MSSP - and deserves resources to manage the risk.  

For 2019, MACRA sets penalty for non-performance at 7% of Part B Payments to providers. Under the Basic Glide Path, losses are limited to 4% of Benchmark, or...

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28 January, 2019

ACO Algebra.  MACRA Upside >= MSSP Upside

After spending the past several weeks analyzing the 2019 ACO Final Rule, it just struck me.  MACRA can be a bigger financial benefit than "core" ACO rewards and penalties. 

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17 January, 2019

Quality Scores get harder AND have greater impact

Late in December, we published an article with an overview of why 2019 is more difficult, and more impactful than prior years. Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) are one of the key reasons why. CMS is following an agenda for value-based, or...

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29 December, 2018

MACRA Gets harder in 2019

MACRA gets tougher in 2019.  Click for useful Infographic to share with colleagues.  

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23 October, 2018

Want to simplify Security Risk Assessment?

We found a great self-service SRA tool that does an efficient, effective job.  For practices that have not finalized this important process yet, it can be a challenge to find a firm that has the year-end capacity to help out.  

Medcurity has a...

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